AziDesigns provides many features for their clients
so they can stay on the leading edge of the world wide web.

There are 100+ other features that AziDesigns also offers that are not listed here. If you have a specific design request that is not listed below Contact us!
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Password Protect and create a user login area on your website.
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We can create pages for you to upload files to your site or even allow users the ability to upload files!!
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This page shows a browser reject if the users browser is out of date.
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The MouseOver effect. This allows you to have 2 images that change back and forth when the mouse hovers over the image. Try hovering over the above mouse!
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We can create built in shopping carts that are linked to paypal.
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When you visit this page it shows an example of a floating info bar at the top of the page. Which can be used as a link or simply a message for your viewers
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Looking to show your festive side with your site. We offer seasonal theme updates to keep your site fresh.
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When you visit this page you will see content that is swapped daily. This can be very useful in keeping content updated and fresh for visitors so they never get tired of coming to your site.
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Your viewers will want to be able to search the site for information. A search utility gives your site more interactivity with your readers and encourages them to stay longer.
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Offering a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page can save your customers and you time. See AziDesigns FAQ page for an example.
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A Survey can provide you and your company valuable feedback about your site or products. These forms can be completely customized to function how you like. The data can be emailed or even saved to a database of your choosing.
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Adding a sitemap is a key part of every website. AziDesigns adds a sitemap to every site it designs which is key in search engine optimization.
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Give your site a contact form of your choosing. Your forms can be uploaded to a database or can be sent to an email address. Try our contact form toady!
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Do you have documents that you want to be made available to many different people. Use our File Sharing tool to allow users access to documents, and combine that with our Locked pages to provide security to your documents.
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At AziDesigns we think it is important to keep your site updated with the most relevant content and still provide the latest features the web can offer. To do this we make changes behind the scenes to keep your site up and running and looking great.
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Do you want to manage your own blog, or even create your own pages on your own time!! Use the new Content Management Services (CMS) offered by AziDesigns to Create, Modify, Delete pages of a blog or edit specific content of your choice.

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