Website Maintenance

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Web design companies often think their job is done when your site is live. AziDesigns has a different philosophy. We care about your success, and we desire to work side-by-side with you after site completion to ensure the continued viability of your site. Therefore, we’ve developed methodologies that address the most desired services needed to keep your site up and running at it’s maximum potential.
Whether you’d like AziDesigns to handle all or only some aspects of the management of your website, or to simply consult with you, you’ll find our focus to be on productive and long term relationships with our clients.
Content management – Depending on your needs we can build various levels of an easy-to-use Content Management System (CMS) that allows you to conveniently revise and update content from your own computer. If you desire, we are available to perform this function that will keep your site current and relevant.

Updates and maintenance – If you feel your time is better spent on other tasks in your business, we offer services that will make sure your required updates, press releases, personnel listings, and all other types of regular updates, are added to your site consistently and timely.

Analytical reporting – We are able to integrate Goggle Analytics® into your site, providing vital information on visitors, time spent on site, pages viewed, geographical location of the lead, etc. The value of this important information becomes evident when our experts walk you through the report to highlight and discuss opportunities to increase your business.

Ongoing strategy and growth – Even if your site and your business are performing beyond expectations, keep in mind a website is a living entity that requires attention and revitalization to continue productivity. As your website designer, architect and developer, AziDesigns is intimately involved in the construction and underlying strategies of your online initiatives. We will work with you to apply appropriate strategies as your business moves from one stage to the next, advancing your sales productivity and communications effectiveness.

Customer communications – Touching your customers regularly can be time consuming, but we can shoulder the responsibility for getting out newsletters, e-blasts, updates, or any other customer communications for you. We are experienced in developing the content ourselves, or designing and deploying the content you provide.

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